Are Ghouls Real?

No, a ghoul is a mythical creature based on Persian and Arabic folklore. According to the Arabic legends, a ghoul can be described as a human like demon or monster in a dead body.

A ghoul is known to dwell in cemeteries and graves where it would dig up the buried corpses and eat it.

Besides, a ghoul is said to have the abilities to break into a casket particularly the old wooden types searching for the dead body and it could also attack live humans beings to eat their flesh.

From a theoretical perspective, human beings eat meat and not necessarily when starving.

Assuming that a significant number of people in extremely poor countries are starving and literally having nothing to eat during a pestilence or a severe drought and famine, it isn’t a wonder to see such people with tattered and rangy clothes while roaming around secluded places searching for carcasses to devour.

When the famine bits harder, you can see them using crude tools like shovels digging up for corpse and also breaking into caskets using tools like heavy hammers in order to access the corpse to feed on it.

In some instances, some poor families may not afford a coffin which means that the starving guys all they need is to dig into grave and devour the corpse.

Upon devouring the corpse, it’s feasibly for these starving people to suffer from a malignant disease arising from the poisonous bacteria found in a corpse and this can drastically alter their mental stamina as well as their physical appearance.

It is not a wonder to see such people with a worn down skin and completion giving them a sickly and a discolored skin appearance particularly on the face similar to what Arabic ghouls were described.

Indeed, if a well fed urban people, those with a decent lifestyle in town and cities come across such emancipated people, the most probably thing would come into their mind is a demon or a monster that dwells around the grave yards and cemeteries digging up corpses and eating the fresh.

Surely, a hungry man knows no morals, he will put anything into his mouth as long as it will help him relief the extreme hunger pains.

Now according to Arabic folklores, a ghoul is malevolent demon supposed to eat human flesh particularly from the corpses buried in graves and cemeteries.

The ghouls are said prey on corpses after digging up them from grave yards.

In modern usage, describing a person as a ghoul can refer to a person who doesn’t have much feelings and emotions about human misfortunes like death, human sufferings and even dead bodies.

Do Ghouls Exist?

Unless someone has ever come across a physical ghouls and tell us more about a real ghoul, then the existence of ghouls will remain a myth.

Since ghouls are imaginary creatures found in folklores. Could you have seen ghouls in popular hollow films and wondered if ghouls exist in the real life.

First, it is important to note that ghouls are Arabian and Persian mythical creatures hence we lack facts that ghouls exist.

However, some irradiation exposure can transform a human being into a ghoul like creature whose only intention is to bite humans.

The irradiation can result in the victim skin getting churned or sometimes to an extent of their flesh melting off the bones.

Besides, the victim loses their hair, they eyes start decomposing and also their voices become hoarse.

Most ghouls are people who got exposed to radiation during the war and if they didn’t die, they then transformed into super mutants.

Ghouls in folklore

Ghouls are the main character in the George Romero’s film, the Night of the Living Dead’ where they are referred to as loose creatures.

The word ghoul has a strange origin as it has been frequently used in British horror films although the word ghoul is believed to originate from the Middle East.

According to Persian folklores, a ghouls are creatures that dwell in graveyards and also lures the lone travelers to secluded places with a promise of getting a treasure but end up eating them.

By the time the helpless wayfarer discovers that the promised treasures have been gathered from others who lost their souls after the ghoul trapped and eaten them, it is too late to escape.

However, Ameen is able to outwit the clever ghoul and manages to escape from the ghouls trap.

In English folklores, a ghoul is applied to describe someone with unclear interests in macabre and graveyards and also allured to people committing terrible human acts like eating on human flesh.

Are ghouls in films and manga real creatures?

The Tokyo Ghouls. These ghouls have an appearance of a living human being apart from the fact that their eyes change especially when biting human flesh or when using their supernatural powers.

Their sclera turn black while the irises changes into crimson red at some instances.

Ghouls live among other humans and they must eat human flesh in order to survive and when it consumes the ordinary human food, the food tastes horrible and it can make him ill.

Although Ghoul/Human hybrids are quite rare, but they are known to possess much strength than the normal ghouls.

A hybrid ghoul can only appear when a human being and a ghoul mate successfully which is quite rare.

Sometimes, a person can become a ghoul when some of the critical organs of a ghoul are transplanted into a human body.

Ghouls in Manga. According to Hellsing, ghouls are created when a chipped vampire drains blood from a human to death and that the person was not a virgin.

If the victim is severely wounded during the blood draining, the victim will crumble to dust within a short while.

A ghoul is seen being under the control of the vampire who bitten him. These ghouls can only eat human flesh are quite intelligent to a degree of using firearms.

It isn’t a wonder to see a single vampire controlling an army of ghouls for defense and offence during a battle.

In the Rosario and Vampire manga, ghouls are seen as the cannibalistic and mindless monsters that can be created in two different ways.

The first type of a ghoul arises when a certain evil spirit possesses a dead body. When the monster blood is injected into a human being blood veins, this results in creation of a rare ghoul.

The presence of the monster blood in a ghoul gives them some supernatural powers but then it destroys the ghoul’s psyche thus leaving them as mindless creature whose main is to kill and eat human flesh.

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