Are Skinwalkers Real? | Do They Exist? (2023)

Unlike other mysterious creatures, many people have talked more about the Skinwalkers’ existence.

Some people have believed in this creature, calling it several names, while others still seek more explanations.

It may sometimes be difficult for you to perfectly understand the nature of this creature, especially if you have never encountered such a creature in your life.

This write-up describes to you the existence of the mysterious creature commonly referred to as Skinwalker in the indigenous language.

You may be very surprised about the creature, its appearance, and where it lives.

What will shock you most is the activities associated with the creature and where it is commonly witnessed.

Keep on reading this article to discover more about Skinwalkers.

Do Skinwalkers Exist? 

The Skinwalker are creatures that possess’ human characters that have been repeatedly sighted to exist in the Navajo people.

These creatures are folklore preserved by Navajo people as part of their cultural animals used in witchcraft.

According to the Navajo people, the Skinwalkers can transform their bodies into other strange creatures as they are believed to be evil witches.

For this reason, they are like werewolves to the Navajo tribe. 

However, the Skinwalkers are always not featured in the religion of the Ute common in Navajo.

They only make sense in the context of the religious lore as an aspect of their ranch.

According to the book titled “Hunt For the Skinwalker“, The Skinwalkers were seen diving into the water some few miles from the shore.

After some few seconds, the creature emerged in a new appearance with a new form. 

Skinwalker Sightings 

The story of Skinwalkers has recently increased.

In most cases, the experiences with the Skinwalkers occur on the reservations of the native Americans.

For this reason, they are always prevented by the strong and veteran medicine men and women, as alleged by people.

In most cases, the description of this feature is always similar, even though it is still not easy to justify the truth behind the existence of the Skinwalkers, according to some of the popular online descriptions.

Here are some of the most famous skinwalker sighting:

A Skinwalker is a human-like beast with four legs with its face and is disturbingly human in its appearance. 

This beast also has a glowing eye with a red-orange color and is said to be fast.

The people who claim to have naturally seen a Skinwalker record that the creature also makes a lot of hellish noise.

However, there is a certain tribe known to be the main host for this creature.

The Navajo tribe is the popularly known tribe to keep this creature which they preserve as part of their animal associated with their tribunal witchcraft activities.

Therefore, the Skinwalkers are highly valued creatures to the tribe and treated with care like other animals used to perform witchcraft. 

History of Skinwalker Encounters 

The Skinwalkers and the yee naaldlooshii in the Navajo language make people believe in their existence.

They are commonly seen in different horror fictions made by people who are non-Navajo.

However, apart from the yee naaldlooshii, several other varieties of Skinwalkers are commonly found in the Navajo culture.

According to the Navajo people, this variety of Skinwalkers is sometimes called antijhnii.

They are the Navajo people’s witches, representing their cultural value antithesis.

The witches are always considered evil as they manipulate magic and perform some unbelievably twisted ceremonies in their traditional culture. 

As in the case of cultural workers and community healers, who are also commonly referred to as medicine men or medicine women, they will never be exposed to respect for their cultural values.

In most cases, the local people prefer calling them with many nurturing terms or with other positive in their local language as a mark of respect for their cultural values.

This happens with the Skinwalkers; The Navajo people refer to their witches with nurturing terms to respect their cultural values.

The Skinwalkers perform different evil magic that helps the traditional hears to learn more about the magic world and the good.

This enables the healers to perfectly practice their work and improve their efficiency in dealing with their traditional healing work. 

Even though many traditional heals prove to be able to take responsibility, some of them tend to engage in corrupt activities that make them become witches in the end.

The Skinwalker legend, however, has never been understood, especially in the culture of the Navajo people.

This is because there is more reluctance regarding the subject discussion with outsiders.

This makes people outside the Navajo culture lack the experience of the native commentators required to learn the lore.

For this reason, the Navajo people are always not free to reveal the lore of their Skinwalkers to outsiders, especially if you are a non-Navajo person. 

In some cases, they fear discussing the lore with people they don’t fully trust; the Navajo people take their cultural values to remain their most community secret.

A Skinwalker may be a female or male, just like other animals involved in witchcraft.

Apart from Skinwalkers, other witchcraft-associated animals include the coyote, also known as the trickster.

They might include some creatures associated with dangerous and most feared activities such as bad omens and even death.

The creatures commonly used also possess some of the nature of the living animals, including human beings.

This makes them be seen walking around like living animals with their bodies. 

Where Do Skinwalkers Live? 

Many people have been lying about the existence of Skinwalkers until it became clear about the beast was identified by the Navajo people.

Skinwalkers usually live in the desert.

It was difficult for people to believe in the creature’s existence due to the fake lies spreading across online platforms.

However, after evidence was released supporting the existence of Skinwalkers, many people became interested in knowing the truth behind the Skinwalker. 

According to the book hunt for Skinwalkers, the ranch was this creature lived was seen as skyborne.

Sherman, who was part of the eyewitness, claims that the Skinwalkers are mysterious animals that are extraordinarily large in their appearance.

To be more descriptive, according to him, the creature was three times a common wolf in size.

The animal was not easily approachable, according to the eyewitnesses.

This made it difficult for most of the eyewitnesses to take real photo footage of the animal for more supportive evidence.

For this reason, many people still find it difficult o believe in the story of the existence of the Skinwalkers, despite the many explanations.  

According to the book, the first Skinwalker ranch identified was approximately fifty yards away from the observer.

Furthermore, Kelleher, the eyewitness who claims to have seen the, was watching at a twenty feed off the surface of the earth.

Keller then fired the creature using a rifle, after which the creature suddenly disappeared.

According to Kelleher, he could not perfectly explain what he observed was beyond his imagination.

There was a need for photo footage to support his explanation. 

What to Do If You Encounter a Skin Walker 

As stated earlier, the Skinwalker is a creature with a mysterious appearance.

For this reason, it is not practically approachable.

This has made taking the real footage of the creature challenging for many eyewitnesses who claim to have seen the mysterious animal.

However, you may sometimes fail to identify the creature due to its appearance if you encounter a skinwalker.

When they have hunted the creature, however, many people say more about it.

According to Kelleher, the creature has a faster risk response and can disappear with a faster movement than you may not believe. 

In addition, he further states that the mysterious appearance of the creature makes it difficult to be bearable, and you may likely lose courage when you face it.

According to the history of this creature, handling a Skinwalker when you encounter it may be as difficult as you believe.

The creature is associated with witchcraft which is one of the activities feared by many people.

For this reason, when you encounter a Skinwalker, you may not have any other option than to run for your life, especially if you are not courageous enough.

However, Skinwalker rarely appears to people, they may disappear when you encounter them.

Their disappearance may be too first before you can even notice something strange. 


Many people have found it difficult to believe in the existence of the Skinwalkers. Some who have recently been convinced of the creatures call it a curse.

While others also refer to it as a supernatural creature according to their imagination.

However, Terry Sherman and Kelleher, who claim to be eyewitnesses of the Skinwalker, have different stories.

They have a unique description of the creature and truly believe in the existence of the Skinwalkers from their observation.

Therefore, if you doubt the existence of this mysterious creature, then I hope this article has made you earn more.

It is more than you may think the creature may look like.

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