Are Vampires Immortal? (Lifespan & Mortality)

Yes, a vampire is already a corpse who has traded their soul for magical powers; hence, they cannot die twice. The rate at which their lifespan is considerably higher, thus translating them immortal beings for ages.

Moreover, vampires are immune to ordinary human weapons such as gunfire, blades among others. Their ability to heal instantly further makes them invulnerable to these mundane weapons.

It’s also possible for a person to confuse a vampire’s dead body with an ordinary dead person lying on the ground. Vampires can live for millions of years and but most vampires are seen in the folklore are believed to be 1500 years of age and over.

Vampires are mythical creatures that are believed to live forever unless an attempt to kill them succeeds. This means that if a vampire escapes all the traps that would have otherwise been seized and destroyed, it will live forever and gain more powers.

Although vampires do not age over time, neither do they fall sick like human beings, there are known ways of killing a vampire. In folklore, it’s believed that you can only kill a vampire by stabbing or shooting through its heart using a live silver bullet, beheading, burning, or exposing it to the sunlight.

Vampires are also known to be intolerant of holy water, garlic and crucifixes.

According to legends, vampires hunt the living during the night to drink the victim’s blood. The night is their ideal hunting time since the darkness covers their identity from the person realizing them.

Vampires have fangs adapted to sucking the victim’s blood from the neck where they leave two large puncture holes on the neck, which might continue bleeding afterward. Vampires can shape-shift from human form to bat or wolf form, making it possible to attack their victims unsuspectingly.

Besides, they have unmatched strength that gives them the inability to reflect their image in a mirror, which is one way of detecting them.

Most vampires spend their day in coffins sleeping when the humans in the living world are awake and active.

How Long Do Vampires Live?

Vampires are considered immortal beings, and if given a chance, they can live an eternal life. Unless when killed, vampires can survive for many millions of years. It is believed that vampires develop more powers and grow stronger over time.

These are the various stages of a vampire since the time of reanimation from a corpse:

Newborn vampires: They are the recently transitioned vampires. Newborn vampires have an insatiable bloodlust that sometimes betrays them to other humans as they end up killing their victim by sucking all the victim’s blood. They are still emotional and also have heightened senses.

The Fledgling: These are considered the junior vampires and are learning how to manage their bloodlust to feed only when essential. They rarely kill their victim by sucking almost all of their blood. A fledgling can stay in that rank for about 50 years, but their body turns to be a desiccated corpse in case they are killed. If exposed to sunlight, they will rupture into blazes and burn into ashes.

The Ascendant: They are considered mature vampires who have the experience to wander in this world of known. Once they die, they will turn into ashes and a pile of bones. In case of exposure to sunlight, their skin wears off and will fade into ashes or desiccate. Ascendants have lived in that rank between 50 and 300 years of age.

The Elder Vampire: These are vampires who have lived between 300 to 700 years of age. They are considered solid and robust to vampires of lower rank than them. An elderly vampire must head every clan. Killing an elder isn’t that easy, especially since they have a reduced rate of burning in the sunlight than the ascendant vampires. They have super speed, are more robust, and are much quicker.

Ancient Vampires: These are vampires aged between 700 to 900 years. The Ancient vampires are considered to be the most potent non-Original vampires. However, they will burst into flames when exposed to sunlight and turn into ash and a pile of bones. Besides, they can be maimed by the Original Vampires effortlessly and even without the use of weapons.

What Can Kill a Vampire?

Unlike humans, vampires do age over time, but instead, they become stronger. Since vampires are technically dead people, they are considered immortal; hence, they won’t die a natural death due to aging. Their bodies lack heartbeat, body heat and do not survive on water, oxygen, or food.

A typical vampire skin will vigorously react with Mercury, Silver, Garlic Juice, UV rays, Lucozade, Ashwood, and Oak. As stated earlier, vampires do not require a functional heart as their blood has already clotted.

The skeletal system is responsible for pumping blood. The digestive system of a vampire is ideal for blood, although other food supplies can generate little energy. Vampires use their soul energy to keep their body activities active.

When a vampire body is exposed to UV rays such as sunlight, it explodes into flames and burns down into ashes and a pile of bones.

How Do Vampires Die?

Although vampires have superhuman durability, they will die when exposed to sunlight, shot, or beheaded using a silver weapon. However, vampires are incapable of being maimed by standard human weapons such as firearms, lesser spells, and blades.

Vampires are immune to pain; hence attacking them using such weapons doesn’t scare them. Gunfire does not affect them as they are already immortal beings.

Similarly, blades can’t harm them no matter how hard you try to cut them into pieces. However, when a silver bullet or a silver-coated knife pierces through their heart, it will significantly affect them, resulting in their death.

Besides, decapitating them using a Mercury coated blade can also result in their death. Exposing a vampire to UVs light such as sunlight will result in an ignition leaving a pile of ash and bones if it was aged enough.

Note that vampires are immune to poison and frost spells, and in case of an injury, a vampire can instantly heal, especially after drinking live human blood; otherwise, the healing may take longer.

A Vampires Lifespan

Vampires are immortal blood-drinking demons found in almost every state and city in the world. They are creatures of hell’s dark powers, which gives them the ability and capacity to control a human being’s mind.

Powerful vampires can adapt to sunlight, seduce human being spirits and make themselves indistinguishable to human eyes, although they can sense their presence at a close distance. They are deadly creatures that ought to be destroyed; otherwise, they can pose a significant threat to the human race.

For your information, vampires are not afraid of a cross but exposing them to sunlight will kill them. Vampires survive by sucking fresh human blood, and their insatiable bloodlust for new human blood is what makes them a threat to the human race.

Vampires were once ordinary human beings, so it might be hard to identify them until it has seized their victim.

Vampires are those human beings upon death; they accept magic powers to exchange their souls to the dark forces. They survive by sucking fresh blood from humans as well as magical blood and muscles. Vampires are considered soulless as they are dead beings but have retained them sentient from blood magic that affects their immortal life as well as their diet.

Since they are soulless creatures, the only way to withstand their survival is by robbing other living beings of their life force, such as sucking fresh blood, stealing souls from others, and feeding precious crystals.

Vampires roaming on earth are considered to be those diseased. Still, undead persons who visit the living, especially their relatives, for fresh blood and in response the living hate, hunt and misunderstood them for causing unnecessary deaths.

Although some vampires reflect themselves as blessed creatures, others consider themselves cursed. Still, either way, their animalistic instinct is to get rid of the human race out of the face of the earth, which is why they are considered abominations.

One of the common characteristics among vampires is their bloodlust. Human blood is the most sought-after living blood as it is considered to be more nutritious, although animal blood can also serve the same purpose.

A vampire must drink alive blood to sustain its existence; otherwise, it might become extraordinarily rapid and weak. However, some vampires are said to become more vampirist and stronger even without drinking live blood.

A vampire’s lifespan doesn’t depend on how often it’s fed since failing to drink blood doesn’t necessarily decrease its lifespan. This is because vampires can drain life from warm-blooded creatures, thus boosting and replenishing their life force. At times, vampires fill their energy by feeding on souls or feeding on precious energy crystals.

In the undead world, vampires are considered the most powerful hence feared even by other undead creatures. Vampires are incredibly gifted, especially with their super speed and also unnatural strength.

One reason why vampires are feared is their ability to seize an unsuspecting person and infect them with their diseases; something considered worse than a mortal being’s death.

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