Can Leprechauns Fly?

Leprechauns are probably Ireland’s most famous export, along with shamrocks, and we all know them for protecting the pot of gold found at the end of every rainbow.

The jury is still out on whether they can fly or not because no one has seen one fly before….but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

It’s very possible that they simply fly faster than the human eye can register. Let’s review what we do know about leprechauns so we can make our best guess as to their flying abilities.

Leprechauns Can Move Quickly

Leprechauns can always be found at the end of the rainbow. However, the world is so big, and there are bound to be lots of rainbows at any given time, so how can they always be at every rainbow so quickly? 

They are pretty short, so they don’t have a long stride. If they tried to walk from country to country, it would take them a long time and they would surely miss the rainbow’s appearance.

They aren’t known to be good swimmers, so swimming from continent to continent to keep up with the rainbows also seems unlikely. Even driving cars or taking a train wouldn’t get them to each rainbow on time.

That leads some to believe that the only way they could get to all the rainbows around the world is to fly from rainbow to rainbow. It’s also possible that they’ve found a way to teleport from destination to destination, though we don’t have any proof of that. 

Leprechauns Are Tiny

Leprechauns are very tiny. The word leprechaun derives from the term ‘small body’. Their small size could contribute to how difficult it is to see them fly. 

Perhaps their wings are too small to be seen by the human eye. Or perhaps their wings are crystal clear, so they just seem invisible to humans who see them. No one has been able to do a proper, thorough investigation into their flying ability.

Leprechauns Have Flying Friends

Leprechauns are known to be devious and mischievous, so it would be surprising if they were well-liked in the fairy world. They have quite the reputation for being sneaky and playing tricks on people, especially when it comes time to grant their wishes!

However, they are known to be friends with robins. Everyone knows that friends tend to have qualities or characteristics in common, as that’s what keeps the bond that enables friendship.

Perhaps what robins and leprechauns have in common is the ability to fly high into the sky, wherever and whenever they’d like!

Leprechauns Are Fairies

They may not look like Tinker Bell‘s cousin but leprechauns are, in fact, part of the fairy family. Everyone knows that fairies flutter around in the sky; in fact, they are some of the best fliers.

 While leprechauns don’t have visible wings, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have what it takes to fly.

It would be pretty weird if all other fairies fly, and leprechauns were the only ones who couldn’t. Not impossible, but pretty improbable…

Leprechauns Can Grant Wishes

If you catch a leprechaun, he will grant you three wishes. If a leprechaun can make any wish come true, it means he has a ton of power.

And if a leprechaun has the power to make anything in the universe happen, that means that surely he can enable himself to fly if he wants to. Don’t you think?


It is a big mystery if leprechauns can fly. We have plenty of reasons to imagine that they could because it doesn’t seem possible for them to move around the way we do without some supernatural ability. 

Until we have some conclusive evidence or definitive answers, the best thing to do would be to continue to keep an eye out for any leprechaun you can find. If you manage to spot one, you could ask him politely if he can fly.

He might not answer though, as leprechauns have the reputation of being surly for a reason!

You could try to catch him and threaten to only release him once he tells you. So keep an eye out for a little green fairy chasing gold!

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