30 Cutest & Most Adorable Mythical Creatures

Mythical creatures have a special place in the heart of many people. They are often used as symbols for different things, and also make great characters in books or movies.

But what makes them so cute? Let’s take a look!

The cutest mythical creatures are those who have a human appearance and can fly such as fairies or pixies but still maintain some animal features which makes them cute!

Other favorites would include half-fish mermaids with their colorful hair or the obvious Unicorn that we all know and love.

Top 30 Cutest Mythical Creatures List:

1. Unicorns

Unicorns have been the icon of fantasy and mythical creatures for decades. With their cute horse faces, bright white coats, luminous eyes, and pearlescent horns it’s no wonder why.

2. Mermaids

Often depicted with the top half of a woman or girl and the bottom half of a fish, mermaids are another icon of all things mythical and cute. 

3. Griffin

The back half is a lion and the front half is an eagle. Classic and powerful, the golden griffin could be considered regal or cute, depending on your point of view. 

4. Hippogriff

Said to be the offspring of a Griffin and a mare, the hippogriff has the back half of a sleek and powerful horse and the front half of an eagle, he is the fastest creature on earth. Because his parents were enemies the hippogriff is considered a symbol of love.

5. Elf

The elves are a kind of supernatural being that is commonly found in medieval and modern European folklore.

Elves closely resemble humans, but they possess otherworldly qualities such as light skin or hair color and an ethereal demeanor. In some traditions, they also have cute pointed ears.

6. Azeban

A trickster figure of the Abenaki and Penobscot people, Azeban is a cute and fluffy raccoon who plays silly tricks and gets into a lot of trouble but is mostly harmless.

One day, bored and looking for something to do, Azeban gets in a shouting match with a waterfall. Getting closer and closer to the edge of the falls, trying to outshout the roaring water, Azeban comically falls in the water. 

7. The Axehandle Hound

If dogs and cats fill up your cuteness meter there are plenty to choose from in mythology!

The axehandle hound has an ax blade-shaped head and a handle-shaped body. It trots along on its stubby legs and looks for unattended ax handles to eat.

8. Aralez

A dog-shaped spirit is sometimes depicted with wings. The Aralez saves wounded soldiers on the battlefield by licking their wounds clean and thus lending them some of its healing powers.

9. Carbunclo

A small furry, four-legged cutie with long ears and fluffy fur, in some stories the Carbunclo has a shining gem embedded in its forehead and gives off a bright light. In other stories, it has a mirror on its head and it’s the body of the creature that gives off a blazing white light, visible over a league away.

10. Fox Spirits

Fox spirits, sometimes with nine tails, look just as their name suggests, like adorable foxes. Sometimes these spirits can transform into human shape and cause mischief. 

11. Coyote

An important figure in Native American lore, sleek Coyote was a trickster god who is also responsible for some important things like bringing rain or giving fire to man. 

12. Raiju

Lightning in the form of a white or blue wolf or dog, and a cry that sounds like thunder, Raiju is usually harmless. But, watch out for his antics during thunderstorms!

13. Cerberus

The three-headed dog who guards the underworld. Three cute doggie heads are better than one! 

14. The Cadejo

The Cadejo are dog-shaped spirits that appear at night to travelers. The white Cadejos have the hooves of a deer and move like deer. They are kind and protect people. The black Cadejo has purple glowing eyes and can stand on two feet, he attacks people or lures them into making bad choices. 

15. Bakeneko and Nekomata

These yokai may look cute, just like the kitties they used to be, but these cat-shaped spirits are dangerous and may want to kill or eat you. These spirits are often transformed house cats, which explains why Japanese lore advises against keeping these pets for very long. 

16. Gullinkambi

A beautiful golden rooster that hangs out in Valhalla and whose crow will help announce the end of the world. The Basan of Japan is a brilliantly colored, chicken-like creature that lives in bamboo groves on the mountainsides. It breathes ghost-fire that does not burn and vanishes when looked at. 

17. The Rooster of Barcelos

While not necessarily cute himself, as he was the centerpiece of dinner, cute painted statues in honor of this rooster are found everywhere in Portugal. His post-death crow saved his owner from being hanged for a crime the man did not commit. 

18. Pixie

The cutest of the little people, pixies are said to be incredibly tiny and beautiful with colorful wings. Often naked, or in ragged clothes, they love a gift of fine cloth or ribbon, and such a gift may get you invited to one of their parties where they love to dance all night, wrestle, and play. 

19. The Menehune

The Menehune were a tribe of small people, about 2 feet tall, who lived in the valleys and forests of Hawai’i before the Polynesian settlers arrived. Their favorite foods were fish and bananas. They are pictured as smiling, happy people, and legend has it they used magic arrows to pierce the hearts of angry people with love. 

20. Brownies

Small, oftentimes ugly (so ugly they’re cute?), Brownies are elf- or pixie-like creatures that attach themselves to a household and help out around the house and yard at night.

They do things like keep chickens from hiding their eggs, and sweeping up that last bit of dirt you didn’t get to before you went to bed. Leave a little bread or milk out for them to make them happy. And don’t be surprised by unexpected pranks if you’re lazy!

21. Leprechaun

A small, solitary fairy, about 2 to 3 feet tall, the Leprechaun wears a red coat and white breeches. He is said to be a shoemaker and to play pranks on people. Leprechauns are a protected species under European Union law. 

22. Bes

An Egyptian dwarf who was known especially for protecting children with his fierce fighting skills, Bes was also known for his laughter, dancing, and singing. When children were seen giggling at apparently nothing, it was assumed that Bes was there to entertain them. 

23. Dolphins

Whether as messengers of the god Poseidon, pirates turned to dolphins by Dionysus so that they would help humans instead of harming them, transportation for the Hindu gods, or your average run-of-the-mill playful, smiling bottlenose, most humans agree, dolphins are pretty cute. 

24. Encante

River dolphin shape-shifters from a world without pain or death, encantados want to experience human pleasures and hardships and often pretend to be humans. They have to wear a hat to cover their blowholes, which don’t change when they transform!

25. Mogwai

These movie cuties are adorable with their fuzzy bodies, big ears, and sweet singing voices. They are very curious and lively but afraid of bright lights. It’s too bad you have to be so careful about their feeding schedule!

26. Porgs

Seashore-dwelling avians of the Star Wars Universe, porgs are tiny, feathery, and big-eyed penguin-like creatures that instantly captured many fans’ hearts. 

27. Adipose

Cute, squishy white marshmallow-like beings with arms, legs, and little faces, adipose babies were adorable despite their origins of being born by hijacking unsuspecting human bodies. 

28. E.T.

If you’ve never watched the iconic movie you may not understand why the oddly-shaped, wrinkly aliens are on the cute list. It’s the creature’s adorable personality that does it. 

29. Stitch

Experiment 626 of Lilo and Stich is a furry and adorable little destroying machine. Stitch’s cuteness is what makes him irresistible to the unsuspecting humans who take him in. 

30. Ewoks

Walking talking teddy bears warriors, and arguably the cutest critters in the universe.