Do Mermaids Poop? A Closer Look At The Question Every Kid Is Asking

It’s no secret that mermaids have been a popular trend with kids for decades. Yet, it seems like over the past few years their popularity has increased even more.

If your kid has everything from mermaid dolls to tail fin blankets, then they’re probably obsessed with mermaids too! Kids have so many questions about mermaids, but one of the most common ones parents are hearing lately is “Do mermaids poop?

It’s difficult to give a direct answer to this question because mermaids are imaginary. If mermaids are real, they are so elusive that even the most dedicated researcher has yet to spot one.

So technically nobody can do a scientific examination of a mermaid to see how they poop. However, a few theories are circulating about how they might poop if they were real.

Can Mermaids Even Poop Though?

A mermaid is half-human and half-fish, and both of those species need to poop to survive. Both humans and fish need to eat to provide their bodies with energy.

So yes they poop. There’s a rule of thumb that everything that goes in must come out. If a mermaid is eating food to provide their bodies with energy, they must find a way to release it once it’s digested. 

It is said that mermaids have a diet that consists mostly of sea vegetables and fish. They sometimes may also eat lobster, oysters, crab, and shrimp.

However, seaweed seems to be their favorite thing to munch on. Seaweed is a great source of fiber, so anyone who eats it regularly is going to need to use the washroom.

How Do Mermaids Poop?

Mermaids are mythological creatures that are incredibly popular in children’s stories. Since they are fantasy creatures, every mermaid exists simply for the point of a story. When most writers are hatching out a fantasy story pooping isn’t a part of it so they never consider telling the audience how these mythological creatures evacuate their bowels. 

Everybody poops, that is just science. So it’s easy to assume mermaids poop just like us, but instead of going into a washroom, they do it somewhere under the sea.

However, the mermaid is only like us from the hips up. As far as we know, they don’t have an opening in the booty area of their fins to poop like humans. 

If mermaids are eating seaweed on the regular they’re going to need to poop every day. So, there are a few theories on how they poop. What powers do Mermaids have?

No Need For It

These mythological beauties are purely magical. Everything from their colorful hair, to their glistening skin, and their shimmery tails is beyond that of a normal creature.

Since bathroom habits are those of earthly creatures, many people believe that a mermaid doesn’t need to poop because their organs are different.

Have you ever heard those claims about how a unicorn will fart out rainbows and their poops are sparkly? Well, mermaids are sort of like that.

They don’t need to poop like people or fish (or any other creature for that matter). Instead, they can eat whatever they like and it just magically evaporates. 

That’s Not A Belly Button

A cloaca is a creature that lays its eggs and goes to the washroom out of just one opening on the body.

It is said that mermaids may be cloacas, and their belly button is the opening they use for this. A mermaid’s upper body was made to be beautiful, so they have what looks to be a belly button on their perfectly toned stomach.

However, that thing that looks like a human’s belly button is actually for pooping (and making babies).

Many people believe that Ariel from The Little Mermaid pooped this way because there weren’t any openings on her tail. This theory made the most sense for her because of the way her body was proportioned. 

Just Like A Fish

Since mermaids love to feast upon all of the delicious goodies the sea has to offer, it makes sense that the food would pass through their digestive system similar to how it would in a human.

However, once it reaches the fin of the body the poop will come out just like it does when a fish poops. 

There is a vent underneath a fish’s body, located close to the fin at the end of the tail. A mermaid’s anus could be located in the same spot, allowing them to poop like a fish. 


There are a few different theories on how mermaids poop. If your kids are asking you how mermaids poop, have fun with the answer. Since there’s no scientific evidence on how a mermaid’s bowels work your explanation can be based on imagination.

Now that we’ve figured out some possibilities on how mermaids poop, the real question is “what color is the poop?

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