Do Zombies Have Brains?

A zombie resembles an ordinary human being in all physical ways apart from the fact that they are mythical Walking Dead people who have come back to the world of the living. In movies, zombies are seen limping about to seize unsuspecting people to feast on their flesh and brains.

Bearing in mind that zombies are dead people who have come back, how does their brain work if at all they have it.

Yes, zombies have a brain, although it is limited to survival needs such as eating, movement, smelling, and vision. In simple terms, the zombie’s brain lacks the cognitive ability that would enable them to make rational decisions.

Here are the reasons why we can confidently say zombies lack cognitive ability.

Although zombies can move around from one place to another as they shuffle hopelessly, they won’t remember how to open a door even if they have been there before the infection.

This indicates a problem in the cognitive brain as well as the cerebellum part of the brain, which plays a critical role in synchronizing movement. Besides, zombies cannot pick an object from the ground, which further indicates a damaged brain.

They do not make plans together as a group. Neither do they communicate with each other, indicating poor memory to enable them to do social activities?

Zombies lack cognitive control as they have an insatiable appetite for live human flesh. It will attack a new victim even when it has not concluded feeding on the already killed prey. Besides, a zombie will continue to eat until its tummy burst open, which suggests that its frontal brain lobes aren’t functioning at all.

They are known to have an extraordinary sense of smell, especially when sniffing outlive humans. When humans smear their bodies with dead zombie body parts, the zombies smelling ability is significantly reduced.

Although a zombie will eat living human brains, they are not aware of their actions. Their reaction to the environment is not a result of their consciousness.

Their cognitive part of the brain is already dead, and only their primitive brain is functioning, thus driving their insatiable hunger for living human flesh.

Do Zombies Have Feelings?

Zombies do not have feelings; they are mutated organisms existing in the human shell with an insatiable hunger. Besides, they do not like walking for long distances as they drag and shuffle their limbs.

Zombies lack hand-eye coordination, which can be mean damage to part of their brains. Cutting a zombie with a sword doesn’t cause severe bleeding or pain. This is because a zombie can be a rotting corpse that has lost its thinking ability.

Due to their weak bodies, zombies are generally weak and unintelligible creatures, but they can pose a great threat to the human race when in large numbers. Zombies have experienced paralysis of the lower body during the early stages of infection.

The whole body becomes numb with zero brain activity.

Why Zombies Don’t Have Feelings

To better understand this question, let’s discuss the various changes in a victim’s brain to who a zombie has bitten. The person experiences some pain in the infected area which may also decolorize.

The wound may also clot immediately. Five hours later, the person experiences fever, slight dementia, chills, and severe joint pain. Numbness and infected area increased dementia, poor muscle coordination follows-next, paralysis in lower body parts, and overall numbness.

The person may also experience a reduced heart rate. Coma follows, and also the heart stops pumping blood, thus resulting in zero brain activity; thus, the victim becomes clinically dead. Reanimation follows, resulting in a zombie.

Do Zombies Have Emotions?

Of course not. Their brain cannot communicate their emotional context with other people. Hungry zombies will feast on their loved ones without caring about the pain they are inflicting on them; every living human being is a delicacy to them.

Are Zombies Intelligent?

Somewhat, although zombies are reanimated corpses, their brains must have some level of activity. At least, they know what they want to eat and not eat.

Their goal is to bite as many people as possible, although they may not be conscious of what they are doing. Besides, they have their primitive brain that controls hunger, movement, smell, and active vision.

A zombie will distinguish a dead person’s flesh from that of a living human being. Moreover, zombies are not cannibals, which means that they can distinguish between a zombie’s flesh and other living humans.

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