Fairy vs. Pixie (What Is The Difference?)

Pixies and fairies are often used interchangeably with someone who’s not aware of the differences between these two mythical characters.

However, their differences are far more than their apparent similarities, and that’s exactly what we’ll be dissecting today.

The difference between the two winged characters is often hard to understand.

They both are mythical creatures that you will often find in folklore and animated storytelling. While these characters are loved and cherished by kids, the differences between the two are often unknown. 

Pixies and fairies are two separate entities that have a unique set of features and temperament that demarcates their identities from one another.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at their differences and how they’re both unique creatures in their mythical bubble.  

Difference Between A Fairy And A Pixie

So, before we discuss them individually, here’s a side-by-side comparison of both mystical creatures so you can get a conclusive understanding. 

  • Nature: Pixies are generally portrayed as the companion to the evil characters, whereas fairies are the source of positivity and guidance for the people in the story.
  • Physical Features: Fairies look just like human beings, except they have massive wings attached. Pixies do not resemble human beings and have colored skin and hair. Additionally, pixies have pointed ears. 
  • Size: Pixies are generally shorter than fairies standing at 4 inches tall, while the fairies are taller at 6 inches.
  • Area of dwelling: Pixies are usually found in gardens, whereas fairies can be seen in the hills or underwater. 
  • Magical Powers: Pixies are said to have powers of wealth, intelligence, and kindness. Fairies have powers that are linked with natural elements
  • Gender: Pixies are seen as creatures that can have either gender, whereas fairies are seen as females
  • Defining features: Pixies are known for being malicious and great at dancing, while fairies are glorified for their beauty only.

What Are Fairies?

Fairies are a mythical legend that seems to have their origin from European folklore. They’re often described as guiding spirits that ascend the physical realm and have a supernatural or metaphysical form.

However, their mythological origin has no direct source, preferably a spread out existence through various stories and folklore. 

Despite their supernatural existence, fairies are one of those creatures that are presented to be most like humans. From their hair, face, and bodies, their physical representation is that of a miniature human being.

Their wings are the defining features for them, although the wings’ designs vary from character to character. 

You will see fairies with dragonfly wings in some cases, whereas others depict them as creatures with wings similar to those of a butterfly.

Despite these variances, their common factor is that the wings are larger than the fairy body’s body, and their average height is estimated to be around 6 inches. 

In ancient folklore, fairies were seen as vital and intimidating creatures, but today, they’re portrayed as ethereal beings that are delicate but possess magical powers.

They’re said to be fond of celebrations and parties, and you will frequently see them basking in the glory of natural elements like water bodies and trees. 

Fairies can live for thousands of years unless killed.

Characteristics Of A Fairy 

  • You will often see fairies as a positive guiding character that leads people to the more promising path. 
  • They are heavily featured in Celtic folklore
  • The span of their wings exceeds the width of their body frame by double the amount at least. 
  • They are generally found to be 6 inches tall
  • They’re said to be allergic to silver in some renditions
  • You will find them in the water or up in the hills
  • Their magical powers are strongly linked with natural elements
  • Fairies are often portrayed as ethereal creatures that don gorgeous dresses that accentuate their beauty. 

What Are Pixies?

Pixies are relatively lesser-known creatures in the world of mythology. They’re often thought of to be the same as fairies when that’s not the case. Pixies are usually characterized by their colored hair and colored skin, whereas their wings resemble those of a butterfly. 

However, these wings are not as extensive in comparison to their bodies as you see with fairies. Standing at merely 4 inches tall, pixies do not resemble humanistic features either; instead, they have pointed ears and their iconic pointed hats.

Asides from those hats, though, you will rarely ever see them wearing clothes in most renditions.

Pixies are infamously known to have a mischievous, almost rude temperament generally. They enjoy pulling a trick or two on people, and getting others in trouble is a tale renowned for pixies. Their naughty nature was popularly shown in acts of Harry Potter. 

Pixies, however, do not have a definite gender. They can even take up many forms to get their way around a situation. You will almost always see the pixie vs. fairy battle going on in between, but the pixies are more heroic fighters than the fairies are.

Pixies generally have a lifespan of 20 years, and their favorite consumption has to be pollen and nectar from their favorite flowers. They are loyal to their loved ones, and you will undoubtedly see them fighting for them. Additionally, they’re also allergic to silver. 

Characteristics Of A Pixie

  • Pixies are usually seen with characters that have an inherently evil role in the story
  • They are characterized by their colored skin and hair as well as their butterfly wings
  • They are also found in Celtic folklore
  • They love to dwell in gardens and are generally 4 inches tall
  • Their magical powers include bestowing wealth, kindness, and intelligence 
  • You see them naked in ancient tales, but in their modern depiction, they’re caught with green costumes and pointed hats
  • Their sly nature and dancing abilities are two primary components of their personality


Conclusively, while fairies and pixies embody the same essence, their realities are competently different. While fairies are portrayed as creatures of positivity, pixies are depicted otherwise.

We hope that through our article, you have thoroughly learned the difference between fairies and pixies. 

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