Friendliest Mythical Creatures

Most of the mythical creatures that you find from folklore or mythology are considered ” unfriendly” or possess a mixture of good and evil traits.

There are mythical creatures that do exist that are friendly to humans and bring a variety of good tidings, luck, and protection.

The top 15 of these friendly mythical creatures whose legends were handed down through folklore or mythology are as follows:

Top 15 Friendliest Mythical Creatures

1. Qilin (Chinese Unicorn)

The Qilin is a hooved unicorn from Chinese mythology who is considered a friendly mythical creature. He rarely appears but when he does it is said to bring about good luck and prosperity.

His appearance also symbolizes the death or the arrival of a good leader or wise man, and the Qilin is also believed to be adept at using his magical powers to promote good men wherever he meets them.

2. Fairies

Fairies are mischievous but harmless friendly mythical creatures known the world over. A classic example of a well-known fairy is Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.

Armed with a magical wand and the ability to fly these fairies are friendly towards humans, especially children.

3. Angels

Angels are supernatural, pure spirits created by God. They are one of the most friendly mythical creatures in existence since they are very benevolent towards man only desiring their good.

In Hebrew, the word for angel is “Malak” which has another meaning, that of a messenger.

Most angels who interact with humans do so because they are acting as messengers from God.

4. Pegasus

As the story of Pegasus goes in Greek mythology, Pegasus was a friendly mythical creature who was believed to be divine as well as goodhearted and helpful in every way.

Son of the god Poseidon and a mortal, Medusa, Pegasus is a pure white winged horse.

His wings symbolize how a soul can arise from earthly burdens, and how prayer and contemplation can be helpful as well.

5. Elves

Elves are typically small friendly mythical creatures who are found in Germanic folklore and legends.

They are usually dwarfs who have magical powers and who are capable of helping humans.

One well-known example is Christmas Elves who are lodged at the North Pole with Santa Claus and help prepare toys and goodies for children all over the world on Christmas Eve.

6. Unicorn

Much has been written about the Unicorn, but the fact remains that the Unicorn is a friendly mythical creature who is a horse with one horn, who pushes mortals to achieve their ultimate objectives and goals in life.

Legend has it that if you call out for the unicorn, he will then bless you to become a success in whatever area of life you so choose.

7. Chinese Dragon (Lung)

Considered a symbol of the Chinese people, the Chinese dragon is a friendly mythical creature that also symbolizes great power, good luck, and strength.

Said to be a kind and wise being, the Chinese Dragon differs from the Western version by the amount of good it does.

It makes crops thrive, it has no wings but through magic, it can fly, and it is assumed that emperors have descended from Chinese Dragons.

8. Caladrius

A Caladrius is a snow-white bird from Roman mythology who is a friendly mythical creature living in the kings’ house.

This creature can take the sickness from a person onto itself and fly away. As it flies away it loosens the sickness, thereby healing both itself and the sick person.

9. Golem

A Golem is an ancient Jewish creature that started as a glob of clay.

Brought to life through magic and the rituals of the rabbi, the golem is a friendly mythical creature whose main purpose was to defend Jewish townspeople from anti-Semitic attacks.

Some modern-day examples of Golems are the Incredible Hulk and Frankenstein.

10. Baldr

Baldr is a friendly mythical creature from Norse mythology. Said to be beautiful and just, he is the god of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun.

He is also loved by all the gods, goddesses, and some mortals as well.

11. Chiron

Chiron was a centaur who was a friendly mythical creature from Greek mythology.

Typically, centaurs were known to love violence and be savages but Chiron was an exception.

Chiron loved to teach and was good at healing and was famous for being wise and just and knowledgeable about medicine.

12. Daemons

A Daemon is a lesser deity or guiding spirit from Greek mythology.

The Daemon is considered a friendly mythical creature because they were a form of an inner voice or non-verbal communication that served as warnings to such humans as Socrates.

Considered divine, the daemon was considered a well-known benevolent spirit for most humans.

13. Huma Bird

The Huma Bird is a friendly mythical creature who is said to be a sacred bird. Iranian legends tell of the Huma bird that flies invisibly over the earth all the time, never touching the ground.

It is said that if one catches a glimpse or even a shadow of this bird, they will be happy for the rest of their life Kind and compassionate, the Huma Bird must never be harmed or killed because it is believed that the person inflicting the death will die in 40 days.

14. Genie/Jinn

The term Genie is a form of the Middle Eastern/African term jinn.

Considered to be a friendly mythical creature, the genie was trapped in a bottle granting 3 wishes.

The legend is said to have originated over 3,000 years ago, eventually becoming the story of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp.

The genie would grant 3 wishes, with the 3rd wish being the freeing of the genie from the bottle.

15. Pixie

Small, winged little people are how most people describe Pixies. Considered one of the most friendly mythical creatures, Pixies love to have a good time at parties where they dance, wrestle, and play games all night.

Pixies are said to be quite beautiful and have plenty of Pixie dust on hand in case they want to cast a spell on you.

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