How Do Centaurs Sleep?

When we think of mythical creatures we immediately go to all of the cool magical stuff they can do. The spells, the enchantments, the super-human abilities.

Rarely, or maybe only after a long while, does our mind go to the more normal things. Where do they live? What do they eat? Do they sleep?

Centaurs are beautiful and fierce creatures. Their usual weapon is a bow and arrow. We mostly see the males in the movies and shows, and they are almost always adults. We’ve seen them fight and we’ve seen them eat.

But how do centaurs sleep? Let’s check it out.

Do Centaurs Sleep?

Well, yes, of course, they have to sleep. They are half-human. And boy, do we love our sleep. Mythical and magical creatures appear to never sleep through. They always watch over the group if there are humans in it. But they do sleep.

Centaurs may not need as much sleep like normal humans, but they do need to meet the minimum sleep requirements like everyone else.

A horse needs to sleep at least 3 hours every 24 hours. Easy enough. Human adults need to sleep around 8 hours a night.  You could reasonably average that to 5.5 hours for a centaur.

But don’t forget, they are mythical, legendary, magical creatures. So it’s going to be a bit less than that. A centaur only needs a few hours of sleep to be good for the next day’s adventures.

Where Do Centaurs Sleep?

Obviously at home. You sleep at home. Horses sleep in their stables. Though a centaur could sleep outside if the need called for it. Humans and horses could sleep outside if they had to, but that doesn’t mean they want to or always do.

A centaur would have a dwelling as you or I would. They would have a bedroom or sleeping quarters. It would be set up differently.

There wouldn’t be a big luxurious bed like you would have. But there wouldn’t be a pile of hay or grass on the floor and that’s it.

How They Actually Sleep

So here is the million-dollar question. We know they sleep. We know about how long they sleep. We know where they sleep.

Does a centaur sleep stand up? Lying down? In weird positions like we do? Actually, yes to all of it.

A centaur can sleep standing up. They are part horse has the part that would allow them to do so. People sleep in almost standing positions right?

You’ve fallen asleep on a ride somewhere or in a room when you were so tired and the only thing that was holding you up was the wall. Been there.

It would be uncomfortable. It wouldn’t be the best sleep. But if it came down to needing a quick nap then a centaur could sleep standing up.

But really, lying down is where it’s at. A centaur would sleep like you or I would, but without the bed. Think big comfy pillows. Think thick plush mats.

Think of an ancient Queen sprawled out on all of the cushions while waiting to be fed grapes. Like that.

Horses can sleep in a position kind of plopped down on their side. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for a centaur to be able to have their lower half lying on the side like a horse would with the top human half cuddled around a pillow or cushion.

On The Go Sleeping

On pillows and cushions and mats would be how their home would be set up for sleeping. But centaurs are known for being on the go, on a journey, or other mission.

How would they sleep outside? They wouldn’t always want to sleep standing up, that would become painful.

Another way, which is my favorite, is that centaurs can sleep cuddled together. Think of if they are on a march or a journey.

They aren’t going to haul all of those cushions and pillows with them. Blankets probably, but not too much else.

They can sleep on a friend’s rump and their friend can sleep on theirs. Kind of like how cats curl up to sleep on each other and look like a yin and yang sign. They could even do a little triangle or square of sleeping that way.

They would get the added warmth, not have to sleep directly on the ground, and would have extra protection being in a group. Sounds like the best way when travelling for them to sleep.

There are also centaur recliners, which look like a base for a crude tent. Centaurs can lean on these comfortably to sleep as well.

However they decide to sleep, the important thing is that they get a little bit in. They never know when Harry Potter or the Kings and Queens of Narnia will need them next.

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