How Long Do Skinwalkers Live For? | Lifespan & Timeline

Skinwalkers are people who have been possessed by the spirits of animals and can take on those animal attributes.

Skinwalkers are said to be able to walk around in the shape of an animal, or they can also change into animals themselves at night.

It is also said that when they choose their victims, they generally prey on people who cannot defend themselves as they will suffer in silence until it’s too late.

How Long Do Skinwalkers Live For?

The average lifespan of a Skinwalker is around 70 years old, but there is no exact average for the different types of Skinwalkers.

Even with this knowledge in hand, these numbers are still not accurate enough to give you a firm answer as to how long they live.

To be more specific, the standard lifespan of a human is about 80 years old, and we do know that some can live longer than this while others have shorter lifespans.

This is because Skinwalkers are able to adapt to their conditions, which makes the lifespan of a Skinwalker variable.

Each Skinwalker will have a different life expectancy due to the surroundings they live in and their age.

The more isolated they are from society, the more likely they will live longer than average.

What Happens When a Skinwalker Dies?

When a skinwalker’s body dies, their soul is released but will not stay in one place for long.

They may move on to another life or come back in the next life as a skinwalker again.

This makes it difficult for someone who knows how and where the Skinwalker died to find their soul because it has moved on elsewhere.

What Causes Skinwalkers to Pose a Threat?

The most common reason for a skinwalker to pose a threat is that they are trying to steal another person’s body.

They may also use their abilities for good, such as using their abilities to help people with their illnesses or as spiritual guides.

The only way to tell the difference between an act of good and evil is if you know what the Skinwalker is trying to do (and why). You must first know why they are there to protect yourself from them.

The best way to do this is to ask for their help in finding out.

Do All Skinwalkers Need to Be Pushed Away?

A common misconception about skinwalkers is that they must all be pushed away or avoided. This isn’t true.

The only reason someone does bad things just because they are a skinwalker is because of the negative way their parents raised them or because other people abused them during childhood.

Skinwalkers only want to serve others, and when they know what you need, they will jump at the chance to help you get that thing or service you need/want.

There is no one way to be a skinwalker. There are as many ways to become one as there are people on Earth. Some people make bad choices, some make good choices, and some do both.

Some turn into a dragon or an elephant but most simply turn into another animal.

No matter what form you take, you should always be honest about why you want to become a skinwalker for it to work out for you.

Are You Ready to Become a Skinwalker?

To become a skinwalker, you first need to be ready for the many implications that life as a skinwalker will have on your life.

These implications may include marriage, children, and/or family issues.

If you are not ready for these things, then it is best if you do not become one.

If you can accept what becoming a skinwalker means, then all it takes is time and effort to achieve this title and position.

How can I become without someone teaching me?

If there is no one around who can teach you the ways of being a skinwalker, there are many ways you can try to find them on your own.

You can look for them on the Internet, in movies you have watched, in books, or even in schools that teach witchcraft.

This information is found in various places, and you will find it if you search hard enough.


While it may be true that skinwalkers are already dead and simply move from one place to another, it is also true that if you can find them, you can ask them.

If you want to become a skinwalker and need information on how to start, or even where someone like yourself might be hiding out in the world, then free yourself from these chains that bind your heart. 

Are Skinwalkers Real?

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