Immortal Mythical Creatures – Complete List & Guide

Immortality is a concept that is typically greatly desired by all creatures. Human beings have searched for immortality, or a way to live forever, since the beginning of time.

Perhaps in response to mankind’s deep inner search of life forever, immortal mythical creatures were invented.

There are believed to be many immortal mythical creatures in existence but we have narrowed it down to 15. They are as follows:

Top 15 Immortal Mythical Creatures

1. Angels

Angels are considered mankind’s link to God.

As legend and mythology tell it, angels are pure celestial beings who are immortal mythical creatures who live in the presence of God and relay God’s messages to man.

Usually depicted as airborne beings with wings who exude light, Angels have been in existence since the beginning of time, and are considered immortal.

2. Phoenix

The Phoenix is a staple of Greek mythology whose tale is widespread and well known.

Considered an immortal mythical creature whose legend includes being consumed in an explosion of fire and then having its successor rise from the ashes to life.

The Phoenix is the only creature to die and rise from the ashes again as a new form and is therefore considered immortal.

3. Vampires

Vampires are immortal mythical creatures who are widely believed to have existed in European folklore.

They are immortal for several reasons, they do not age, they feed on the blood of the living, and they are supernatural.

They are considered evil mythological beings who roam the countryside at night with super strength and sensuality that draws their victims.

4. Wendigo

The Wendigo is a product of Native American folklore, namely the Algonquian Indian tribe of the woods of Northern Minnesota and the Great Lakes region.

Said to have an insatiable appetite for human flesh, this cannibal is half man half beast or is sometimes described as a malevolent spirit.

Because of its ability to consume human flesh and to hibernate, the Wendigo is believed to be able to live forever.

5. Unicorn

Unicorns are one-horned, horse beings who are considered immortal mythical creatures.

Said to live forever, the unicorn was believed to represent the bridge between immortals and mortals in Medieval Europe. 

Unicorns resemble the bridge Christ made between heaven and earth and are believed to be beautiful creatures, vain and often solitary, living alone in the woods.

6. Chiron

The myth of Chiron, the wisest and most just of all Greek centaurs, says that Chiron is an immortal mythical creature who gave his immortality to Prometheus In exchange for his freedom.

Legend has that a poisonous arrow pierced Chiron in a battle and gave him such unbearable pain that he was forced to give up his immortality and retire to Mt. Olympus with the other Greek gods.

7. Demons

On the opposite spectrum from angels, demons are immortal mythical creatures who are evil spirits.

They travel around invisibly and haunt and possess human beings.

Because they are the opposite of angels, they are considered malevolent spirits and are not benevolent to humans.

8. Banshee

Similar to a demon, a banshee is an immortal mythical creature who is a spirit that heralds the death of a loved one in Irish folklore.

Close to the onset of death, the banshee can be heard wailing and screaming.

Their screams are said to be terrifying and the phrase “screaming like a banshee” is derived from the myth surrounding these spiritual beings.

9. Succubus

A succubus, or in plural, succubi, are immortal mythical creatures who are demonic spirits.

They exist to have sexual intercourse with men, usually as seductresses.

According to Medieval folklore, having repeated sexual relations with a succubus can make the mortal unhealthy and may even eventually cause death.

10. Cerberus

According to Greek mythology, Cerberus is an immortal mythical creature whose sole purpose is to guard the entrance to Hades, also known as hell.

A large 3 headed dog, he is seen as the gatekeeper of the dead who keeps them from leaving the confines of Hades.

He is said to be immortal because of his role as the “hound of hell”.

11. Arion

A divine horse bred by the Gods, Arion is an immortal mythical creature in Greek mythology.

Because he was very fast with a long flowing mane, he was used by Heracles in battle to defeat some of the evil centaurs.

Arion also had the uncanny ability to speak.

12. Pegasus

Pegasus is an immortal mythical creature who is a pure white, divine, winged horse from Greek mythology.

The offspring of the god Poseidon and the mortal monster Medusa, Pegasus is believed to have earned a place at Mt. Olympus among the Gods for his loyalty in battle.

13. Elves

Elves, who are small, humanoid immortal mythical creatures are considered age-less and eternally childlike.

In particular are the Christmas elves who work tirelessly at the North Pole to fill Santa’s sleigh every Christmas Eve.

In Germanic mythology, elves are supernatural humanoids who are said to be neutral to humans and can either help or hinder them.

14. Fairies

In almost every culture, there are small spirits that are immortal mythical creatures known collectively as fairies.

In Irish folklore, these fairies are known as leprechauns, in English folklore, they are called brownies, in German folklore, they resemble kobolds, etc.

In sum, they are tiny spirits who are known to be mischievous and fun-loving and who serve or direct human beings and are often adept at magic.

15. Dragr

From Germanic mythology, there is an immortal mythical creature called the Dragr.

Believed to be a “living” undead being, the Dragr are corpses who have descended from greedy, nasty, immoral persons.

Because they are considered demonic spirits they are immortal, and they live in their graves usually guarding treasures that are buried with them.


Congruent with folklore and legend, these immortal mythical beings are widely believed to be real.

Most are supernatural and use magic and other powers to either help or hinder mankind.

All in all, the tales of these immortal mythical creatures are normally seen as authentic, and a normal part of everyday life.

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