Poseidon vs. Neptune (Differences & Who Would Win?)

In this article, you are going to learn about the differences between Poseidon and Neptune and which one is usually considered better.

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Who was Neptune? According to Roman mythology, Neptune is the god of freshwater due to his powers over the entire freshwater. The word Neptune is delivered from a Latin word, Neptunus, which means wet or moist.

Typically, Neptune is embodied in various representations, such as riding seahorses in the form of a dolphin or trident.

According to legends, Neptune was once dragged in a horse-powered carriage along the seashore, and this has been the reason behind the association of Neptune with horses.

Neptunalia was a Greek festival that involved celebrating the Neptune, especially when Greece experienced severe water scarcity.

The festival was named after Neptune, the god himself and since he was believed to rule over the freshwater, invocating and appealing the deity was believed to bring good fortunes, thus ending the water crisis.

It is also thought that Neptune had a temple in Rome named after his name and the name was Circus Flaminius.

The temple is beautifully decorated and adorned with crafted sculptures in which one of those sculptures represents the Neptune and other groups of freshwater deities.


Poseidon is believed to be the sea deity according to Greek mythology. His parents were Rhea and Cronus.

When was his father was subdued in a battle, Poseidon was given the responsibility of controlling the sea while his brother Hades was assigned to the Underworld and Zeus to the Sky.

Poseidon features a trident appearing in his arms which is pointed towards the skies. However, he’s not seen being accompanied by any sea animal in almost all of his pictures.

He is popularly known as the messiah of voyagers and seafarers and could also punish anyone who broke the sea rules with earthquakes and storms.

His expression of wrath is what made him famous, and he was also named the Earth-shaker in various cultures.

According to the ancient Greeks, Isthmian Game was a festival known to have elaborate musical and athletic ceremonies. This festival was mainly celebrated in honor of Poseidon’s name.

These Are The Main Differences Between Poseidon & Neptune

  • Poseidon was a god of the sea according to Greek legends, while Neptune was the god of fresh water according to Roman mythology.
  • Neptune is embodied with seahorses and dolphins and sometimes seen controlling water gods around the Thetis. Contrary, Poseidon was represented as lonely but holding a trident pointing to the skies.
  • There is a festival known as Neptunalia that cerebrates Neptune, while Isthmian Games is the name of the festival for the celebration of Poseidon in Greece.
  • Neptune is often connoted with a white horse since, according to some legends, Neptune is believed to have been dragged in a horse-powered carriage along the seashore. Poseidon was the son of Rhea and Cronus, who took the lordship of the sea after his father’s defeat. His two brothers, Hades and Zeus, assumed the lordship of underground and Skies, respectively.

Which one is more powerful?

Although both Poseidon and Neptune have a similar appearance in depictions and some people consider them to be the same god with different names, the fact is that these are two other deities.

Neptune had a brother named god Pluto, who rules the underworld, and Jupiter, the king of all gods. Neptune is described to have a sea-green robe and having dark hair.

He was dragged by seahorses along the seashore while carrying a trident. On the other hand, Poseidon was among the 12 Olympian gods.

His wife, Amphitrite, was a sea goddess and together were able to sire Triton and Rhode.

Poseidon is frequently seen traveling on a chariot in the water, and he is believed to be the savior of seafarers since he had supernatural powers to control the sea.

His trident could cause disruptions and earthquakes whenever he used it. Besides, when angered and his tempers rose, he could open the flood gates to revenge on anyone who didn’t obey his instructions.


  • He is the god of the earthquakes, sea and horses.
  • He is represented in the form of a Dolphin, Trident, Bull, Horse or a Fish
  • His parents were Cronus and Rhea
  • His children were Triton, Orion, and Theseus
  • His wife was Amphitrite
  • Dwelling place was the Ocean and Mount Olympus.

Poseidon is among the most powerful Greek gods and is believed to rule over all water bodies, including the sea and the ocean. He is of great importance to Greek anglers and sailors.

Poseidon is often featured holding a trident, a three-pronged spear, and at times he is seen riding a chariot pulled by horses with fishtails. 

Which powers and skills did Poseidon possess?

Poseidon is believed to have complete control and power over the sea and ocean. He’s supposed to create massive storms that could either rescue sailors by clearing the weather or cause the ships to sink in case of revenge. He could also cause earthquakes on earth using his trident, and this earned his name, the title the Earth-shaker.

Did Poseidon defeat the Titans? 

Together with his brothers, Hades and Zeus, Poseidon is believed to have won a fight against the Titans whereby they divided up the world among themselves.

Poseidon drew the ocean hence taking control over the sea; Hades took control over the underworld, while Zeus took control over the sky.

Some of Poseidon’s powers include.’ Poseidon had some incredible, godly strength. He’s able to hurl huge mountains at his rivals and even submerge an entire mountain to destroy his enemies.

Since he was the ruler of the ocean and the lord of the sea, it is therefore natural for him to have total control over all water bodies and creatures therein.

His powers over water entire water bodies enabled him to

  • Create substantial tidal waves and tsunamis that could capsize any boat size
  • Create huge water funnel clouds
  • Mastery of hydrogenases as he could call upon water out of a tinny air.
  • Could propel himself at supersonic speed through the water
  • Walk over the water and even solidify water to create water shields
  • Bring about drought and floods when angered. He helped his brother Zeus to end the human race by bringing flood to cover the land inhabited by mortals
  • Ride gigantic sea waves and sometimes use them as high-speed transportation means
  • He was known to be highly resistant to burns and heat.

What about the Neptune?

Romans, too, believed in the existence of various gods that controlled the world around them.

For that very reason, Romans are believed to have designed Neptune as their god of oceans, similar to the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon.

Neptune was a god of both the sea and fresh water, and this is why Romans prayed to him so that he could provide their crops with water during the summer droughts. 

Neptune powers include

  • Neptune was among the Big Three hence possessed ultimate powers like the other three gods and his only challenged by his brothers, Pluto and Jupiter.
  • Hydrokinetics. As the god of freshwater, he had control over substantial water bodies. This enabled him to;
  • Withstand tremendous water pressure without strain.
  • His body could generate some water.
  • He could use sea waves to help his teleportation. 
  • He could breathe comfortably underwater; hence he could dwell in water for a long time.
  • He can communicate with almost all sea creatures and control their will.

Who would win in a fight?

Indeed, it would be hard to determine who would emerge the winner if Neptune and Poseidon fought. The fight would destroy the entire world, including themselves.

The point is that they are both powerful gods with almost equal powers and strengths.

According to the power hierarchy, Zeus was more potent than Poseidon, who was then more potent than Hades.

Assuming that Poseidon would seek help from his two brothers, Zeus and Hades, it would be almost impossible for Neptune to defeat Poseidon.

However, if the fight doesn’t involve reimbursement from other family members, the war would be practically 50/50 since both Poseidon and Neptune possess great sea powers.

For instance, they both have powers over horses, earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms. Poseidon’s only added advantage over his rival Neptune is his trident, a three-pronged spear, and the help from his powerful brothers.


While Poseidon was the Greek god for the entire sea, Neptune, on the other hand, is considered to be the Roman god for the freshwater who is regularly seen riding a seahorse in most pictures.

According to Greek mythology, Neptune is believed to have sired a seahorse together with Medusa, a monstrous Gorgon.

Although the two have very similar features in most sculptures seen today, their origin separates them.

For instance, although the two deities are known to rule the immense masses of water, Neptune rules over the freshwaters while Poseidon rules over the sea. 

We can confidently say that Poseidon and Neptune are two different mythological creatures, each belonging to a separate origin. They are celebrated and worshipped in different cultures and religions. 

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