Skinwalkers: Ability and Weakness | The Ultimate Guide

Also known as shapeshifters belong to the category of supernatural beings who has the ability to transform into any animal they wish to, sometimes other beings as well.

They mainly originated from Native American beliefs and they are considered a category of a witch.

They are considered evil, and people look for different ways to stay protected from such supernatural creatures.

There is also another belief that skinwalkers can also change their face by stealing the faces of other individuals.

Mostly they transform into a dog or bear and utilize evil power to fulfill their evil intentions.

In this article, we have shared different abilities and weaknesses that one should be aware of. 

Skinwalker Abilities

#1: Shapeshifting

These supernatural beings can change into any animal or living being they wish to change. They can also transfer into human beings by stealing the face of individuals.

#2: Telepathy

Skinwalkers can detect what’s going on in your mind.

They possess a telepathic power which they use during fights and hunts, thereby allowing no privacy to all the other people.

As they have the power to read other people’s minds, they can control someone else’s mind as well.

Two skinwalkers can communicate with each other just by looking into each other or even not being present at the same location.

#3: Voice mimicry

They have the ability to copy or steal some human’s voice or the sound of any animal which they mostly use during hunting or treachery. 

#4: Posse mind

One of the most fearful power is, that they can possess a person’s mind if a person looks directly into the eyes of a skinwalker.

Also, they can steal their skin and voice.

#5: Magical power

They use charms & black magic to kill their target.

#6: Superhuman agility

They do have superhuman abilities, that is they can run or jump at full speed anywhere, anytime without getting exhausted or tired.

#7: Strength

They possess unnatural strength which is not commonly seen in human beings or animals. 

#8: Superhuman speed

they have great speed, they can cover 100 miles per hour. They possess greater endurance compared to human beings. 

#9: Superhuman senses

They have the unique ability to foresee the future.

Their biggest enemy is vampires. They have some supernatural strength to sense vampires within their radar.

Their eyes are very sharp and they can see objects or living beings from a distance.

They can sense the sickly sweet & repellent smell of vampires from quite a distance.

Since they can transform into any animal or human being, they have a combined sense of all living beings on earth, thereby being more powerful than other creatures. 

#10: Longevity

As per popular belief, skinwalkers do not age easily.

Like vampires, they do not age or regenerate. They can look young even after 100 or 200 years.

Though they are not immortal, they can battle full-fledged even after getting injured severely. 

Skinwalker Weaknesses

#1: Magic

Skin Walkers can get highly affected by magical powers.

#2: Human form

In human form, it is impossible to kill skinwalkers virtually, but, there are a few magical ways through which you can kill skinwalkers and protect yourself at the same time.

#3: Silver

Silver weapons are the only thing by which one can kill the skinwalkers.

#4: Bullet coated with white ash

When skinwalkers are in their animal form, if one shoots them with a bullet coated with white ash, directly towards their neck, then the skinwalkers will die.

It is described this way in the lore of Native America and the Native Americans didn’t own guns while the legend of the skinwalker existed for centuries.

This is a modification or an embellishment of the traditional method of keeping Skinwalkers away by burning the white ash where Skinwalkers are suspected to stay.

A gun provides a direct and precise aim so that one can surely kill a skinwalker without missing out and with more certainty. 

How To Defeat A Skinwalker?

If by chance one sees them, then they have to kill that person just because they have made eye contact.

To defeat a skinwalker, you will have to call out his original name or use a silver knife or bullet in its heart. 

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