Skinwalker vs. Rake (What’s The Difference?)

People all over the world have been growing frightened of an unknown creature that is creeping around on the internet.

The fearsome entity was known as the Skinwalker, and its origins can be traced back to a legendary tale from the Navajo culture.

At one point in time, it was thought to be a specific variety of witches that possessed the ability to assume the form of another animal and also to possess other living beings.

On the other hand, the Rake was originally a work of horror fiction that was sourced from creepypasta.

In most cases, Rake may be recognized as a hairless, pallid, extraordinarily tall, humanoid monster that moves by kneeling and crawling.

They are also known to be hostile.

Rake typically attack humans with no apparent cause, leaving their victims in a severely traumatized state after the attack.

The Skinwalker and the Rake project a terrifying picture of human beings, and there are obvious parallels between the two.

However, in addition to these similarities, there are also a few key differences between the two that you might or might not have noticed.

In this article, we will attempt to save you time by providing a comparison of the Skinwalker and the Rake.

Comparison: Skinwalker vs. Rake

1. Skinwalker is human, and Rake is Humanoid

A skinwalker is a human or, instead witch who has the capacity to turn into any beast freely. Meanwhile, Rake resembles humans only in appearance but is a true monster.

2. Skinwalker can transform, Rake cannot

Skinwalkers are commonly observed as werewolves, foxes, coyotes, raptors, crows, or owls. On the other hand, Rake lacks morphing abilities but is frightening in its own right.

3. Skinwalker can possess, Rake can lurk in nightmares

If you and the Skinwalker make eye contact, they are supposed to be able to “absorb” them into your head and take command of your movements.

Rake, on the other hand, can haunt you in your dreams and inflict severe trauma before strangling you.

4. Skinwalker was a tale from Navajo Tribe. Rake was only a collaborative project

The mythology of the skinwalkers begins with the Navajo, a southwestern Native American tribe. Meanwhile, the Rake, like many creepypasta figures, began as an internet communal production.

5. Skinwalkers can run fast, Rake can only crawl

Even if their other abilities weren’t there, Skinwalkers are claimed to be capable of running extremely vast distances – some estimate over 200 miles in the single night time.

Meanwhile, Rake’s movement is limited to crawling and crouching due to its lengthy limbs.

Skin Walker

America is a mishmash of cultures, customs, folktales, and dangerous sea creatures.

Simply put, they adore collecting creatures and ghosts from multiple areas. This vast plain of a nation, a clean canvas, possessed a characteristic that other faiths missed.

There was really no all-encompassing fundamentalist belief.

The Skinwalker seems to be an old Native American folklore with varying interpretations among tribes.

In Navajo folklore, a skin-walker would be a type of evil witch who can become the body of a creature or masquerade themselves as one.

The legend of this transdimensional creature, called the Skinwalker, has primarily been labeled as a fraud due to excessive psychedelic use or just folk tales that have become set inside a culture’s beliefs.

Despite this, the Navajo Skinwalker has profound origins in indigenous American mythology.

Other cultures in the area use their own interpretations of the Skinwalker. The Apache, Pueblo, and Hopi peoples have their unique conception of what a skinwalker could be.


As is the case with many creepypasta figures, Rake started as a joint effort online.

If a user posted a comment on the message board asking for aid in creating a new monster, many responded by posting descriptions of their physical characteristics and behaviors.

In 2013, manipulated photos of a Rake were generated, and the creature’s true identity was discovered.

In addition to the many teeth, the figure has lanky limbs and lurks firmly on the ground.

It is claimed in the Rake’s hypothetical genesis tale that early encounters with the monster happened in northern America back in 2003 before such a complete ban on the matter was reportedly instituted.

It was characterized as a humanoid that could rise up to six feet in height but preferred to stoop and crawl on its hands and knees.

Its skin is a ghostly white.

The head is fixed and blank, with no mouth or nose in sight.

Rake’s most notorious example is a woman who wakes to discover the creature perched on the side of her mattress.

According to folklore, the monster will creep inside people’s homes and inflict hallucinations before murdering them.

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