Vampires vs. Demons (What’s The Difference?)

While a demon is a supernatural and often a vindictive creature in mythology, religion, and folklore, a vampire is often a folkloric or mythological creature. Both Vampires and Demons are material creatures which means they can be destroyed through fire.

Demons are spirits which means you cannot hit them physically. Vampires are the undead people who have retained their soul or spirit; hence they are too immortal. A vampire’s magic is derived by getting access to the spiritual realm, the supernatural powers.

Each vampire’s magic competency is determined by how strong their spirit is connected to the spiritual realm and their mystical skills.

Since demons are spirits themselves, they have got more magical gifts and power. New vampires can be more limited and weak than demons.

Who Would Win In a Fight?

Physically, vampires are much weaker than demons which means that demons can lift more weight than vampires. However, a vampire’s exceptional fighting technique, skills, and perseverance can see him win the fight.

Although even the older vampires are physically weaker than young demons but winning a battle is a pure skill which means a vampire will win against a demon due to their extemporary fighting skills.

However, various types of demons and each demon kind have their powers and physical strength. This means that a vampire can easily win a fight against some demons and struggle or even lose to other types of demons.

For instance, it’s easy for a vampire to slay a Kwaini demon but struggle against the Granok demons. In simple terms, who wins the fight depends on various aspects such as skills, resilience, the type of opponent, etc.

What are Vampires?

When humans lose much of their blood, they can be easily transformed into a vampire by drinking vampire blood. Vampires are far much quicker and more resilient than the ordinary person they were before ingesting nosferatu blood.

Typically, vampires look alike to humans, only that they have fangs rather than the average human teeth. Besides, sun exposure to a vampire’s skin can significantly lighten, although a dark-skinned vampire may not change their skin color at all.

Vampires are not limited by time. Yes, they do not age over time, but they will continue growing, although significantly reduced. Vampires do not shape-shift; they can’t walk under the sunlight and generally fall asleep during the day.

A Nosferatu-born vampire is typically more potent than a vampire transmuted using vampire blood. They also have more vital psychic senses, and they can again hear and read a person’s thoughts.

How Do Vampires Feed? 

Drinking living blood is a must for a vampire life. However, in case of a shortage of living blood, a vampire can also drink stored blood or animal blood, but this should not last long.

Because failing to drink living blood over non-living blood, a vampire loses his bloodlust, affecting his brain function, low libido, and gradually shutting down the vampire body.

Since a nosferatu-born vampire is stronger than the ordinary vampires, they can survive for a more extended period on non-living blood but not by too much.

Bloodlust. Both the nosferatu and normal vampires have an overwhelming bloodthirst incredibly when hungry. It’s unlikely for a vampire to be bloodlust immediately during or after drinking. The bloodlust liberates a vampire from his free will.

For instance, a bloodlust vampire will continue drinking blood until his bloodlust appetite is fully satisfied, even when it means the person’s death the vampire is drinking blood from.

The funny bit is that the more the vampire drinks blood from a person, the more they both became sexually aroused. If a victim desires to engage with the vampire drinking the blood, the vampire will have no option but to have sex with them.

However, if the victim is uninterested, then the vampire can decide either to proceed or not. The bloodlust of the vampire doesn’t respect their free will.

Vampire blood. Vampire blood is believed to have some healing properties, especially when administered intravenously or applied topically. It enhances the healing process of damaged tissue and can also strengthen the recipient’s immune system. However, it doesn’t cure ailments.

The majority of vampires, except a few, are known to sleep during the day sleep. Their body functions, including movement and breathing, will automatically stop functioning, leaving the heart virtually the only body organ functioning. Teleporting from different time zones can also induce day sleep if he has teleported sunlight. If it is during the night, he will wake up.

Strength: Although vampires are more physically resilient than humans, they are the weakest creatures compared to those of supernatural beings. For instance, a nosferatu-born vampire is halfway strong to a nosferatu vampire. Although vampires are not necessarily limited by rules to follow, they have greater power and options for actions than the Guardians and demons.

Rules: Vampires are not limited to following specific Rules followed by Guardians and demons. However, Guardians can haunt and kill a vampire who has broken the rules for an insufficient reason.

In folklore, vampires feed on vital forces, represented by living blood. For instance, in European folklore, vampires are seen as undead beings that will visit their loved ones resulting in death or mischief around the village they existed in when they were alive.

Vampires are seen wearing burial garments and are often referred to have dark countenances. The role of a vampire in today’s folklore has changed.

What Are Demons?

Demons were once angels, but after rebelling the rules of Heavens, they were transmuted. They are incredibly faster and more robust, and neither do they eat nor sleep.

They can shape-shift, which means that they can get into an animal body-like shape. Demons, in their natural form, are genderless, i.e., no males and females. 

Besides, they have red-scaled skins, cloven feet, and leathery wings. Typically, their horns curl backward from their forehead, and they reside in Hell, although they can travel via the Gates to Earth once granted permission.

Demons like associating themselves with power and luxury. However, their sexual drive is limited, and typically they will not experience arousal, although when in human form, they can engage in various sexual activities.

Intellectual Abilities: A person who lacks strong psychic shields is prone to demons reading their emotions. A demon can perceive a projected image, although not a precise thought. When granted special powers by their ruler, a demon can significantly influence a human dream.

Their psychic storage space, the hoard or hammerspace, can capture anything nonliving and also wrap up the victim’s mind around.

Strength: Demons are relatively weaker than Nephilim, angels, and Grigori, except Belial and Lucifer. They can have equal power with a skillful nosferatu or a Guardian. Generally, vampires are feebler than demons.

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