Attracting Skinwalkers: The Ultimate List & Guide

If you are reading this there is a good chance you are thinking why in the heck would you ever dream of attracting a Skinwalker intentionally?

It’s a good question, but not why we are here.

Skinwalkers are Navajo creatures of legends that are believed to be evil/dark witches with unnatural powers that allow them to possess animals, or people, and even mimic their form.

If you are hoping to encounter one of these witches of legend (you shouldn’t) here are some things you can do.

What attract skinwalkers

There are a few key things that attract skinwalkers.

Unfortunately, if you are actively trying to find a skinwalker they may partially work against you.

Skinwalkers are far more likely to be attracted to someone who does NOT want to encounter them!

#1: Heightened sense of fear and anxiety

Skinwalkers are attracted to fear and anxiety. They seek it out the same way a predator tracks the scent of its prey.

The problem is that if you are trying to contact a skinwalker in an attempt to communicate with them they are by definition going to be less interested in you since you are hoping to meet them. 

#2: Talking or even thinking about them

One of the most common ways people attract skinwalkers, intentionally or not, is by talking about them.

Have you ever sat around the campfire in the woods and felt the hairs on the back of your neck stick up?

That could be a skinwalker lurking around your camp, waiting for one member of your group to stray too far.

Even thinking about skinwalkers can attract them to you across great distances.

Many skinwalkers take the form of a crow making them almost undetectable to you until it’s far too late.

#3: Calling out a name

If you have ever been walking in the woods, alone, and you hear a name (your name) being called out to you in a voice that just doesn’t quite sound human – that was undoubtedly a skinwalker.

One of their tricks to attract victims is to call out their names in the hopes of luring them off the beaten path.

This works both ways, if you call out into the woods there is a chance that a skinwalker will hear your call and begin to mimic your call.

Whether or not you choose to pursue their call is your choice and yours alone.

How to attract a skinwalker

There are a few methods to attract a skinwalker, none of them are guaranteed, but they can massively increase your odds of having a supernatural encounter.

#1: Spend time alone in the woods

Spending time alone in the woods is a good starting place if you are trying to attract a skinwalker.

Skinwalkers by nature prefer to prey on people who are alone, especially people who are lost.

If you happen to see strange, almost hollow-looking, animals hanging around your campsite deep in the wilderness there is less than 0% chance that the “animal” is actually a skinwalker.

#2: Hang out near old Indian reservations

Skinwalkers are creatures of Native American origin.

They are most often found near old native American reservations as those are places of great pain while similarly being deeply connected to the native people’s identity.

Reservations that are no longer in use are a better starting point when trying to attract a skinwalker simply because there are not likely to be many other people around.

#3: Spend time around “liminal” places

The term liminal space or liminal place means the precipice of something new.

In terms of places you are likely to meet a skinwalker, this could be crossroads, a bridge, or the entrance to an abandoned home.

Note, skinwalkers are not allowed to enter a house without invitation, just like vampires (some people believe), so the odds of meeting one around a house that is still occupied are low.

If you were to find an abandoned, falling-down, bridge on an old native American reservation, in the woods alone your chances of attracting a skinwalker are far too high for any sane person’s comfort!


Skinwalkers are not to be messed with.

They are powerful creatures that care very little for people and view us akin to prey rather than equal in our own rights.

The phrase curiosity killed the cat applies perfectly to skinwalkers.

They are better left alone. They are dangerous, manipulative, sly, and cruel.

You are far better off leaving them well alone and praying you never run into one. Or, you may end up as the cat yourself one day.

So…What Do skinwalkers Find Enticing?

There are a number of theories on what attracts skinwalkers but the most prevalent of them all is they are called in certain official ceremonies where individuals choose to become these evil spirits.

One of the most persistent beliefs across traditions is that to become a skinwalker, one has to kill and consume someone close to them.

When any individual commits such a heinous crime, he or she loses any bit of humanity left in them and takes a step further in becoming a skinwalker.

It’s also important to note that once an individual becomes a skinwalker, there is no way to get rid of that self. 

Skinwalkers are most commonly seen in the form of an eagle, fox, crow, owl, wolf, coyote, and even human beings.

When these creatures are called, in case they fail to take up the complete form of their chosen animal, they become hollowed-out beings that appear to be like a wolf or a dog.

There are several theories on what attracts skinwalkers but the ones that have mostly passed from one generation to another tell that a gathering with performing some particular chants and charms is proven to bring them where they are desired.

They might also want the face of a specific individual and certain traditions even say that they are capable of stealing the skin of the person they want. 

It is absolutely forbidden to look into the eyes of a skinwalker since it readily allows them to absorb your physical form and achieve complete control over your movement.

They are capable of covering far greater distances than human beings.

You will be surprised to know that they can run more than 200 miles at once.

Also, they are forbidden to enter any premises without invitation.

It’s their decency to come when they are attracted or called. 

The Navajo Skinwalkers: Truth or Tale?

One such nasty Boogieman from the Navajo culture is the Skinwalker.

These creatures have been there since the times of native American legends.

They are believed to take on different forms across their tribes.

In Navajo tradition, Skinwalkers are considered wicked sorcerers who can change themselves or take the form of any animal they want.

The Navajo Skinwalkers have descended from the aboriginal American sayings.

And other American tribes must also have their individual versions of these Skinwalkers.

This brings us to the question if Skinwalkers are still relevant. If yes, then what attracts Skinwalkers

As the custom goes, Skinwalkers came into being when a medicine man abused magic for his nefarious benefits.

And the natural order of elements got disrupted due to this.

This medicine man was then a representative of evil and held the position of a Sith Lord.

He soon grabbed a lot of corrupt powers though these abilities differ from one tradition to another. 

However, one thing that has remained common across all tribes is that the medicine man can command any beast of his choice, and turn himself into it.

Moreover, they also possessed other individuals from the tribe the Skinwalker belonged to.

In other traditions, just as it goes in Wendigo traditions, any person who performs this abusive magic would eventually become a skinwalker. 

It is also believed that once upon a time, the Skinwalkers were associated with divine creatures.

But Skinwalkers are impossible to kill and they must not be named as it is believed that taking their names, attracts them.

Even if this is too much to believe, it is a widespread tribal custom that taking the names of wicked beings brings misfortune. 

Is there any scientific evidence behind the existence of skinwalkers? 

Today, Skinwalkers are considered nothing more than figments of imagination or folk creatures but that doesn’t mean their sightings have stopped in any way.

Over time, there have been numerous instances of animals who are unbelievably fast running after moving vehicles.

At times, as hearsay goes, these creatures turn into human beings and bang on the vehicles. 

A ranch in Utah has been named Skinwalker Ranch since there have been a number of sightings.

This ranch was actually owned by the Sherman family but the residents of the place were terrorized by the beastly creatures around the mid-1990s. 

Now the question goes how would you know that you have attracted a skinwalker?

They leave behind a foul smell wherever they go. They are commonly found in graveyards where they dig the graves at an abnormally fast speed.

This is because some skinwalkers are capable of using the dust from the graves and using the same on their victims. 

As we have become aware of what attracts skinwalkers, it’s also imperative to determine whether there are any means of getting rid of them.

It’s mentioned in numerous folklores that Skinwalkers can be defeated with the very charms and procedures that they have followed to become these creatures.

It is said that they can be ended with bullets or knives smeared with white ash. But in order to be successful, it’s a must to strike them at the head or the neck. 

If an individual is blessed by a medicine man, it can forbid encounters with these undesired creatures.

It’s worth noting that the medicine men are the only beings endowed with the power to curb Skinwalkers and their dark magic.

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