What Do Goblins Eat? | Diet & Nutrition

In this article, you are going to learn what goblins eat and what they have in their diet.

Depicted in folklore, mythology, and modern fiction as monstrous and grotesque beings, goblins are often always shown to be mischievous, malicious, and simple-minded in terms of intelligence.

They have amassed quite a large following from the Middle Ages in Western Europe, where they were first introduced in folklore. 

Goblins are known to inhabit underground caves or ‘lairs’ and were quite often dominated by other goblinoids – particularly by the hobgoblins.

However, their roles as infiltrators and initial attackers are often discussed due to their unrelenting nature.

The question is not over their existence as much as it is about their sustenance. Some people argue that goblins are depicted as ‘sub-human’ and therefore share a similar digestive system.

Although admittedly a less refined palate. Others disagree and claim that goblins (and similarly other goblinoids) follow a diet of their own. 

The Goblin Diet

In the goblinoid hierarchy, goblins are placed at the end. We have the bugbears, the hobgoblins, and other goblinoid variations who exercise dominance over the goblins.

Their simple-mindedness makes them ideal to be used as monstrous and murderous infiltrators lacking sophistication and going straight for the kill. 

Their habitats are, as a result, sub-par when compared to other goblinoids. Frankly, goblins do not seem to mind. Which raises the question: What composes their diet?

  • Mushrooms – Starting off with something that can grow just about anywhere. Goblins do not have to worry about a weakened immune system and susceptibility to infection. If at anything, their poor living conditions probably contributed to developing excellent immunity. 
  • Natural forest critters – The keyword here is ‘raw.’ A goblin isn’t one to hunt, take their prey back home, marinate it, and then eat it for dinner. Instead, a goblin would devour their prey raw. While other goblinoids are power-hungry, goblins are just hungry.
  • Humans – In more instances than some, goblins are depicted as having a strong predisposition towards devouring men. Goblins are usually depicted in folklore as obstacles in an adventurer’s path. They would play ‘goblin games’ with the adventurer, and should he fail; they would devour him. 
  • Fruits and Vegetables – While seemingly ordinary, it is essential to remember that a goblin has an abnormally high metabolic rate. Which means they’re often hungry. Goblins wouldn’t necessarily care whether the fruit in front of them is half-eaten and has flies coming off of it. They would devour it whole because it’s right in front of them. 
  • Ducks – Goblins usually hunt by open bodies of water for fish. During their trips, they might find another source of protein they like. 

Goblin | Anatomy

A goblin is a sub-type of a goblinoid, which in turn is somewhat of a poorly-established humanoid. A goblin is, therefore, for all accounts and purposes, somewhat similar to the average man. 

However, there are some stark differences:

  •  A goblin does not reach a height above that of a halfling, which would make them stand between three to four feet in height. 
  • Goblins age rather quickly, which can be attributed to their fast metabolism (more on this later).
  •  They have flat faces, large ears, and wicked smiles. 
  • Goblins are known to be less sophisticated in all forms, from their way of life to the way they prey.

Goblins are known to inhabit locations such as underground caves, swamps, and marshes. They usually co-exist quite closely with one another and with other goblinoids.

It has more to do with a lack of want for privacy than love for the community. Notwithstanding their similarities and dissimilarities with humanoids, it is safe to assume that a goblin can eat all that a human can and then some.

To put this into context, a goblin would be more than likely able to eat processed foods.

However, due to a lack of access, they would resort to eating raw meat as well.


Goblins are monstrous, murderous, and lack sufficient skill. However, they bear an uncanny resemblance to a chaotic and (possibly) sickly human being.

They are, however, not sickly. They have established immunity that humans haven’t – owing to their way of life. 

They can therefore consume almost anything under the sun without fear of disease or social repercussions. 

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