Where Do Goblins Live?

Goblins aren’t the cutest mythological creatures, but it’s said that they possess powers similar to a fairy. The only difference in their special abilities is that goblins use their powers to cause more harm than good.

Goblins aren’t just unpleasant to look at, they are also very vengeful creatures. Their main goal in life is to stir up trouble for humans.

Since a goblin’s main motive is to cause trouble, they will find a place to live where the humans can’t spot them. It’s said that they stay home hiding during the day and go out roaming at night once all the humans are in bed. That way they can wreak havoc for mankind without getting busted. 

Where Does A Goblin Call Home?

A goblin will reside in their home and wait for an opportunity to strike well into the night. However, their home can’t be in plain sight.

While their behavior is similar to a troll, they can’t live in an open forest or under a bridge because it’s too risky. Instead, they will find spots where humans are less likely to stroll upon.

Underground Lair

Goblins want to be close, but also go unseen. They often prefer to live in temperate plains but will build their home underground.

An underground lair means that the goblin doesn’t have to travel far when they want to go on a heist. Nobody’s jewels are safe with the possibility of an underground goblin being nearby!


Caves make excellent hiding spots for goblins. It’s dark 24/7 and there’s plenty of room to store their new valuables.

They don’t have to worry about humans sneaking up on them either since most humans aren’t brave enough to go too deep into the cave.

However, they do have to get used to the idea of sharing their turf with bats.


As mentioned above, goblins love gold. They also prefer to have an underground home, so it’s easy to see why some goblins like to make a home for themselves in abandoned mines.

The mines were the traditional home of goblins in European folklore. 

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Do Goblins Only Live Underground?

So, we’ve established that goblins like to live underground because they won’t get spotted by any humans. This makes sense, but it raises another question. What do goblins like to eat?

If their preferred food isn’t available underground this may cause some issues for underground residency.

Goblins digest their food differently than humans so they can eat a raw diet. Many of them prefer to eat insects, but they can also feed on roots, fungi, and other sorts of raw meat.

They are more likely to find roots and fungi in the forest, but that leaves a bigger risk of getting caught by humans.

Instead, some goblins will make a home for themselves in the mountains. They will often find the more private spots of the mountains to call home, looking for areas that would be too intimidating for humans.

The last thing one of the malicious creatures wants is a human catching them off guard.

What Does A Goblin Want?

A goblin’s motivation plays a role in where they choose to reside. Goblins are greedy creatures and they often steal all the treasures they can get to feel like royalty.

Once the civilians in town go to sleep, the goblins will sneak out to steal their valuables. Some of their favorites are gold and jewelry, they have expensive taste.

Since goblins want to sneak into town at night to steal from the residents, they are likely to find a spot to live on the outskirts of town.

They need to be close enough to be able to bring the valuables they steal home, but they can’t be close enough to be spotted.

Since gold and other valuables are heavy, their home needs to be nearby.

The goblin can’t live right in the town, or else the humans would gang up on it.

Even though the goblin has special powers, they aren’t enough to handle an angry mob. For the goblin’s safety, they need a spot that is hidden from civilization.


Goblins are mythological creatures, so you don’t have to worry about crossing paths with one if you decide to go for a midnight walk.

However, it’s always fun to believe in traditional Folklore tales. When it comes to goblins, they want to make a home nearby where you can’t see them. 

Once the people of the town turn off their lights for the night, the goblins come out to play. However, when the goblins come out of their home at night it’s not for a party.

Keep your valuables hidden away so the goblins don’t come out of their lairs to run around your town. 

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